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March 26, 2011 Posted by Tomas

I work at Atos Research and Innvation as project manager and researcher in Semantic Web.
I work in Madrid. View in Google Maps
Nearest airport: MAD
The address is: Atos Spain, C/ Albarracin 25. Madrid. 28037 Madrid (Spain).
Office phone tel:+34-912148336
Office email tomas.parientelobo at atosresearch.eu
For working reasons you can contact me via Skype: tomas.pariente

Apart from other research projects I'm involved, I'm right now coordinating the FIRST FP7 project.

Follow these links if you want to know more about my work and publications.
And, of course, follow my profesional or my personal and travel blogs.

Available talks
Text Analytics and Big Data at the META-FORUM 2012 - A Strategy for Multilingual Europe, Brussels
FIRST: European research for web information extraction and analysis for supporting financial decision making, at the FIRST Industrial Workshop, at ABI-Lab 2012 Forum, Milano 2012
/a> Semantic technologies: an introduction, at the TAO Project Workshop, Atos Origin, Paris, 2009